About the Project

Welcome 欢迎Welcome/ Huanying (欢迎) is a Tourism Operator Visitor Improvement program running in Adelaide.

The program aims to provide support services for local businesses to connect with new mainland Chinese visitors, for whom English is a second language.

Our vision is to make Australia the most Welcoming destination for Chinese visitors.

The program involves 3 elements, with ongoing review during the pilot phase:

Operator Training and Merchandising

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Our advisers visit registered operators premises, usually on the invitation of the Local Council Economic Development team. We carry out a site audit, providing recommendations for merchandising improvements.

Content is created for Chinese media platform WeChat. Materials are gathered for translation. Point of sale signage is provided.

Tourism Content

BaJing signage 欢迎













Eight Views (八景 BaJing ) , is a tourism promotion platform from Mainland China. It is often the official recommendations of the City Government to indicate the main scenic, or cultural locations in the City (羊城八景).

We have created Eight Views of Adelaide for the pilot, to introduce new visitors to the ‘must see’ elements of the Adelaide CBD in a culturally-sensitive platform.

Moving forward, Eight Views can be extended out, (eg: Eight Views of Australia), and taken in, (eg: Eight Views of Chinatown), for more generic or tactical tourism information sharing.

The intent with the program at this early stage in Australia’s Chinese visitor development, is to provide some content in Mndarin to  to make visitors feel more welcome, and provide them with some content to share via social platforms. It is a cultural gesture, more than a definitive guide to all tourism content.

The WeChat Tourism content is linked to an interactive Map identifying the visitors current GPS location, and activities available nearby.

This will extend to ‘layered’ content accessible within the map.

Mobile – Interactive – Chinese. Just like home. But “with Australian characteristics”.

Retail Traffic Generation

The program is supporting participating operators with an identifiable branded seal for display on their shopfronts, combined with promotional content within the WeChat platform, and on the interactive map.

This provides visitors with a guide to some of the best shopping opportunities in the City.

Some shop owners are choosing to upgrade to WeChat shops to be better prepared for the new Chinese visitor.

Feedback from the pilot trial will be incorporated into the Council’s 2017 Economic Development planning.

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Pilot Program Learning Outcomes

The pilot program is being led by the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) with the support of the Adelaide City Council.

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